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About The Music
4D Experience Experiments are based on the question:
"If you were going to go on an interplanetary roadtrip, what music would you take for the ride?"

  1. Does sound travel in space?
  2. What formats of recorded music would be best? We have experimented with a wide variety of file formats. MIDI is of particular interest since it can be interpreted as sheet music.
  3. Can we make music in space?
  4. How much music would we need for a trip to Alpha Centauri (4.22 light-years)?
  5. Can we create music that sounds timeless?
  6. Can we create music that evolves?

ExperiMental Music: For the most part, this music is written and recorded extemporaneously. Extemporaneous, spontaneous, improvisation, jamming, freestyle, and impromptu music are most closely related to pure chaos. The music and lyrics evolve from the "sensitive initial conditions" similar to "a butterfly flapping its wings in China causing a hurricane in the Atlantic."

Music as a Universal Language: Music has the power to communicate emotions universally. Certain melodies, harmonies, or rhythms can evoke specific feelings that resonate with people across different cultures and backgrounds.

The Science of Chaos Theory, String Theory, and Music
4D Music stands for four-dimensional music. The concept of the fourth dimension in the context of spacetime comes from the merging of three-dimensional space with the dimension of time into a four-dimensional continuum. This idea is a fundamental component of Einstein's theory of general relativity. In classical physics, space and time were considered separate entities, with space described by three dimensions (length, width, and height), and time considered as a separate parameter. However, in the early 20th century, Albert Einstein introduced the concept of spacetime, where time is treated as a fourth dimension, and the fabric of the universe is a four-dimensional continuum.

4D songs contain music and lyrics influenced and inspired by science including: Einstein's theory of general relativity, quantum mechanics, string theory, chaos theory, physics, climatology, statistics, economics, astronomy, geology, biology, anthropology, meteorology, chemistry, and other scientific disciplines.


New Releases / Original Music
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All music is written and recorded spontaneously. Additional content is courtesy of NASA.
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