Food For Thought
A Spirited Guide to Gardening by Hugh Mann

Some Food For Thought

This project is an experiment in living. Throughout all of humans' time, we have tried to adapt to our surrounding... and adapt our surrounding to us. The most successful civilizations (those with a peaceful and happy population) have been spiritually rooted. Shaman and medicine men have traditionally been the leaders. Combining spiritual belief with physics, chemistry and other scientific basics, the wizard applies his "magic" touch. Or, should I say Her magic touch? (For a good shaman is merely a conduit for a higher source.)

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Herbie Herb & The Plant-its
[introduction to herbs]

Hands-on Experience
[basics of why you need to "work the garden" vs. taking a vitamin pill, etc.]

I Am What I Am
[how the body uses food to create a human]

Blooming Idiot
[beyond the body needing food, the mind and spirit need nutrition, too.]

Are You Really Going to Put That in Your Mouth?
[a sampling of "weird foods"]

Come And Get It!
[favorite foods]

Midi Files

More Folklore

How to Grow Healthy Food & Drink Good Water

Farming & Global Warming

Sidd's Science Center

Spirit, Mind & Body

The Medicine Man

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