A Bizarre Bazaar

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Sad & Blue (sleeping with your brother)
Recording Location: Fireside
C. Moore: Vocals
Peter D. Aught: Acoustic Guitar

Last Of The Americans
Recording Location: Farm House
Mouse: Piano, Vocals
Capn': Percussion
Peter D. Aught: Cello

I Gotta Get Outta Here
Recording Location: Farm House
Sunny Boy: Piano, Vocals
Zou Lou: Drums
Peter D. Aught: Electric Guitar

Weaze Is Bach
(Toccata & Fugue in D minor by Johann Sebastian Bach)
Recording Location: Bedroom
Weaze: Keyboards

Belt (The past tense of bell... to have been belled.)
Recording Location: Atop The Trees
C. Moore: Bell, Vocals, Keyboards

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Another Brick in the Wall part 2 (words & music by Roger Waters)
Recording Location: Dining Room
Digital Yoda: Vocals, Keyboard
Cool Hand: Electric Guitar
Wall Mart: Drums

Recording Location: Apartment Atop The Neighbors
Mouse: Vocals, Dancin'
Peter D. Aught: Fretless Electric Bass

Funky Sort-a-thing
Recording Location: Philly Rowhouse
Mouse: Vocals
Capn': Vocals, Percussion
Peter D. Aught: Bass

Chopsticks? (At least that's what's in my Heart & Soul))
Recording Location: Dining Room
Mice: The Mouse Family Plays Assorted Instruments
Peter D. Aught: Vocals

Mohs' scale: 5

All music is handcrafted.

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