Entertainment - News, Music, Videos, Games, Movies Artist and Musician Becomes Best Selling Author Records recording star The Rev. LeRoy Montana has made it to the best seller’s list with the Cyrstal Oracle.

The Crystal Oracle is a tool for getting information you might not have thought of before, or maybe it expands your point of view, or gives you a completely new undertanding. It’s a self-help device, like asking a good friend or psychiatrist, only it uses five crystals (which conduct electrical impulses) and a 15 line casting cloth which names situations people want to know about (like love or money or health) and a quick, easy to understand, informative, little book (and you don’t have to be a scholar or meditator) which interprets the crystals on the lines. Your thoughts are the electrical impulse and the cyrstals carry the thoughts to the casting cloth. Crystals empower our world (computers, TV and radio, and travel – surface and space). That’s information, communication, and transportation. The Crystal Oracle has been continuously available from publishers for 21 years, in at least eight countries. Just hold and release the crystals onto the casting cloth. You can ask a specific question (does Bob love me) or just ask for a “reading” (how will my day go). Barnes and Noble carry it for $13 or you can order it on-line for $10. Try it out. It’s valuable advice during these times, or any time.

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