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Comedian Willie Asbury @ Caesars Paradise Stream Resort

by for the Rock n’ Roll Romper Room

Mt. Pocono, PA — Caesars Paradise Stream Resort is located in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. The resort is located in a picturesque position close to the major ski attractions. The modern facility is clean, attractive and well staffed. Not only does it have nice guest rooms, but the added amenities afforded a gambling facility make it an ideal entertainment destination.

The Lounge and Nightclub offers a theater-like atmosphere. The stage offers the feeling of a large venue while the seating offers a feeling of intimacy. On Saturday night, comedian Willie Asbury played to a crowded house. Willie is a veteran of the comedy circuit and has performed everywhere from Madison Square Garden to television.

The moment Willie took the stage an aura of glee swept the venue. A look across the audience revealed one ear-to-ear smile after another. Then, the jokes started flying followed by knee-slapping impressions. Laughter roared. Not only is Willie hilarious, he can also sing. Or, maybe it should be said he is a one-man boom box. It wasn’t long before he had the whole audience singing along to classic TV show theme songs. The people ate it up. By the time Willie left the stage, a call had to be placed to 911 for the sides that had split open and the funny bones that had been fractured.

The next time you are thinking of a get-away consider making the Poconos your destination. There is first class accommodations, as well as, first class entertainment. Best of all, it is at an affordable price.

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