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The Mistaken

About THe Mistaken

A great photographer friend, Ed Simmons suggested the following band might be fun to work with:

In the words of one Mistaken fan: ‘you aren’t writing about milkshakes…’

The Mistaken deal with lonely satellites, bunker-dwelling control-freaks, articulate terrorists and George Zapata, among others. Is it a thankless job? We think not.

The Mistaken were enlisted as back-up band for Drayfus Grayson on his ‘Go!’ CD, released 1998. We and Drayfus shared many a smokey dive together as ‘Three Guesses’, traversing the Westside underbelly of converted mortuaries and hen-houses masquerading as nightclubs.

The Mistaken have been associated with fellow conspirators The Brothers Dimm, and The Flower Machine. Mistaken members hail from Mount Washington, Lake Forest and Santa Ana, now known collectively as ‘Dreamland.’

Musical influences include Wilco, Squeeze, Ron Sexsmith, Beatles, et al. Then again, our record collections include albums by Crowded House, XTC, Esquivel, Annette, Gary Lewis and the Playboys, and Jerry Vale.

Should probably stop there.

Chris Shulda: vocals, bass, guitar
Nick Santangelo: vocals, keyboards, guitar
Jose Sanchez: drums

Calliope Sound (2008) available via digital download (

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