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30 Seconds Until Mars Explodes?

The band 30 Seconds To Mars (30STM) has a member that is also an actor, as well as, being into guerrilla marketing. Yesterday the band held a screening for his new project and it turned into something beyond real.

The FaceBook and Twitter crowd showed up in droves to see the band in response to their new album “This Is War”. Unfortunately, the marketing treat had a nut on top. A man evoked the LAPD bomb squad. Needless to say, it was if martians had landed into the crowd of fans. Guerrillas and martians… the King Kong of how not to advertise the War Of The Worlds?

“Jared Leto decided to hold an impromptu gathering of 30 Seconds to Mars fans at the Hive, the gallery/communal space he and his bandmates run on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. The plan was to treat them to a glimpse of “Artifact,” the 30STM documentary he’s been working on for more than a year now,” MTV news reported.

Jared Leto said, “We have wonderful fans and what I said was taken out of context online. After police let everyone back in to the area, a number of people gathered outside and there were media outlets and cameras there too,” Leto explained. “And during all this, someone says that a fan had put a sticker on a police car, a 30 Seconds to Mars sticker, and I joked that we definitely have the craziest fans in the world. That was in reaction to the sticker, not the guy. I mean, someone put a sticker on a cop car in the middle of a bomb scare.”

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