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Largest Renewable Energy Co. On Cap And Trade

JUNO BEACH, Fla. – President Barack Obama’s fiscal year 2010 budget projects federal revenue from a cap-and-trade program to address climate change as early as the year 2012. Lew Hay, chairman and CEO of FPL Group, the nation’s No. 1 producer of renewable energy from wind and solar power, issued the following statement today:
“This is [...]

Proposed Budget Includes Cap And Trade

The new budget proposed by the President includes a new cap-and-trade program for greenhouse gas emissions. Revenues from a national cap-and-trade system for greenhouse gas emissions would come from auctions of emissions permits. The program will generate $650 billion between 2012 and 2019.
The President said, “Because our future depends on our ability [...]

The world we leave our children

by First Lady Michelle Obama
“I’ve often spoken about my most important job — being a mom — and like mothers and fathers everywhere, the health and safety of our children is our top priority,” the First Lady said on a visit to EPA headquarters. “This is what it is all about: the future. And in [...]

‘Technology is the Key’ to Coping with Global Warming and Growth

by the World Bank
May 21, 2008—Can all developing countries grow as fast as the fastest growing economies without causing global greenhouse gases to spiral out of control?
The answer is no, unless technology and new techniques are used to “radically” reduce the amount of energy needed to produce goods, as well as cut CO2 emissions, says [...]

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