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Rich Diversity Across U.S. Fishing Communities

A new report by NOAA’s Fisheries Service detailing the diverse demographics of 222 American saltwater fishing communities will help the agency design management strategies that will lead to more sustainable fisheries.
“Fisheries management depends on an understanding of how people in coastal communities interact with marine ecosystems and how their economies work,” said Jim Balsiger, NOAA [...]

Environmental Claims In Advertising

Given the increased consumer interest in “going green” and using environmentally friendly products, it is not surprising to see more and more claims being made in advertising. However, businesses should know that the FTC has rules that specifically address environmental claims.
“It’s deceptive to misrepresent – directly or indirectly – that a product offers a [...]

Climate will reach ‘crisis point’ in 2030

By staff
A combination of growing populations and food, energy and water shortages will reach crisis point by 2030, the government’s chief scientific advisor will say later today.
“It’s a perfect storm,” Prof John Beddington will tell the Sustainable Development UK 09 conference.
“There’s not going to be a complete collapse, but things will start getting really [...]

Jerry Hall: Climate Change Biggest Problem

Jerry Hall is an actress and model that had four children with the Rolling Stones lead singer, Mick Jagger. She sent a message to the Prime Minister of England, Gordon Brown.
“My message to Gordon Brown – climate change is the biggest threat the world has ever seen”
Just like any mother, over the years I [...]

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