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Japan Killing Whales

The Sea Shepherd ships Steve Irwin and Bob Barker have now had the illegal Japanese whaling processing ship, Nisshin Maru, on the run for two weeks. No whales have has been killed since February 5th.
Three weeks remain in the whaling season, and the Sea Shepherd ships have fuel reserves to continue the chase. The Bob [...]

Deployment of Solar Energy on Public Lands

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar and the Director of the Bureau of Land Management Bob Abbey testified on “The deployment of solar technology on the public lands” before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. The text of Secretary Salazar’s prepared testimony is below:
Chairmen Boxer and Sanders, Ranking Members Inhofe and [...]

Preserving World’s Biodiversity Vital for the Economy

United Nations, New York, NY — Saving the world’s myriad diverse species, which are being lost to human activity at an unprecedented rate that some experts put at 1,000 times the natural progression, is vital not just for environmental reasons but for the economic well-being of humankind, a senior United Nations official said today.
“Without preserving [...]

Too Dependent On Electricity

Inspired by my friend and colleague’s blog post, Snowed Under in our Green House, I decided to focus this blog on the main event of the larger Washington metropolitan area this week—the massive snowstorms and blizzards. Due to the inclement weather, the area was virtually paralyzed for days. Many schools systems, businesses, and government agencies [...]

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