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Preserving World’s Biodiversity Vital for the Economy

United Nations, New York, NY — Saving the world’s myriad diverse species, which are being lost to human activity at an unprecedented rate that some experts put at 1,000 times the natural progression, is vital not just for environmental reasons but for the economic well-being of humankind, a senior United Nations official said today.
“Without preserving [...]

Zoonoses: Diseases Passed From Animals To Humans

Zoonoses are diseases passed from animals to humans. The most recent high-profile example is swine flu. There are several dozen such diseases that affect humans. The Centers For Disease Control says:
Microbiologic infections acquired from animals, known as zoonoses, pose a risk to public health. An estimated 60% of emerging human pathogens are zoonotic. [...]

55 Beached Whales

Cape Town, South Africa — Hundreds of people tried to save a herd of beached whales. It is not known why fifty-five whales beached themselves. Rescuers managed to save about twenty. The rest were shot in what authorities believed to be the most human method of euthanasia. Many of the volunteers [...]

See Humans At Sea World

Ambler, PA And San Diego, CA — Yesterday, the Wissahickon High School FIRST robotics team traveled to San Diego for a regional competition. Arriving a day early, the team went sight seeing to Sea World. Sure, Sea World is a fun place to go any time. However, it was particularly interesting to [...]

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