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Substitution and Technological Change Under cap-and-trade

World Bank
by Considine, Timothy J. ; Larson, Donald F.
The use of carbon-intense fuels by the power sector contributes significantly to the greenhouse gas emissions of most countries. For this reason, the sector is often key to initial efforts to regulate emissions. But how long does it take before new regulatory incentives result in a switch [...]

Response To EPA On Climate Change

From Wit’s End (in response to
My understanding is that in addition to Obama and Lisa Jackson, most activists would prefer congressional action rather than having to fall back on the EPA regulations, because that will get bogged down by infinite lawsuits and wind up being less effective.
Did you read this??
I swear, it’s the money [...]

Needed: Urgent Climate Change Action

Prince Charles told Italian lawmakers, “The world is struggling with the consequences of the economic crisis in which we find ourselves (but) any of the difficulties we face today will be as nothing when the full horror of global warming unfolds.”
At the same time, the Asian Development Bank released this report:
Southeast Asia Faces Soaring Economic [...]

NASA-Funded Carbon Dioxide Map of U.S. Released on Google Earth

from NASA
Interactive maps that detail carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel combustion are now available on the popular Google Earth platform. The maps, funded by NASA and the U.S. Department of Energy through the joint North American Carbon Program, can display fossil fuel emissions by the hour, geographic region, and fuel type.
A science team led [...]

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