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Japan Killing Whales

The Sea Shepherd ships Steve Irwin and Bob Barker have now had the illegal Japanese whaling processing ship, Nisshin Maru, on the run for two weeks. No whales have has been killed since February 5th.
Three weeks remain in the whaling season, and the Sea Shepherd ships have fuel reserves to continue the chase. The Bob [...]

Come On Down! The Price Is Right with Bob Barker’s Boat

Bob Barker (yes, the famous game show host) gave 5 million dollars to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to buy a boat. The Society named the boat after him.
Another of the Society’s boats was trying to stop Japanese whaling. The boat was hit by the Japenese and was sinking in the Antartic waters… [...]

Activist ship hits Japanese whaling vessel

Japanese whalers claim activists threw rancid butter at the whaling fleet.
A group of radical anti-whaling activists said they were pelted with bloody chunks of whale meat and blubber.
Sounds like an ugly dinner party?
SYDNEY (AFP) – Ships carrying militant environmental activists and Japanese whalers collided during a high seas clash in Antarctic waters Friday, with each [...]

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