Extreme Weather Events

"We are not saying that the Earth's temperature is just going to rise. In general, as energy is added to a system, the fluctuations in the system increase. So, we expect more storms, more droughts, more wildfires, more floods, more fluctuations of all kinds. What we are saying is that weather conditions will become more volatile due to the impact of humans," said Sidd Mukherjee and Daniel Brouse (2004)

"What use to be a once-in-a-hundred year event is now an annual event." (2017)

Extreme Weather Event Posts

The latest extreme weather events.

How is All Real Estate at Risk From Climate Change?

Climate change is contributing to an increase in the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events, such as hurricanes, wildfires, floods, and droughts. Properties in regions prone to these events are at risk of damage, destruction, and increased insurance costs. Increased temperatures and changing precipitation patterns contribute to the risk of wildfires. Flood insurance will become expensive and difficult to obtain. Climate-related risks can lead to higher insurance premiums and deductibles, particularly in high-risk areas. As the frequency and severity of climate-related events increase, insurance companies may reassess risk models and adjust pricing accordingly.

The Reign of Violent Rain

In October of 2023 Sidd said, "Now I am thinking the violent rain will be a bigger problem before we die... still thinking it through. In the long run, ya, sea level rise will hit big. If you look at the history, it is episodic, and in the fast bits it can go up 3 feet every twenty years for five hundred years. But, the rain intensity is increasing faster today, and drainage cannot cope, whether in the city or out, culverts and such put in over last hundred years cannot handle. So, I am paying a lot of attention to terrain and drainage far inland from seacoast (like Ohio.)"

Atmospheric Rivers

"Atmospheric rivers, at their peak, can carry as much water through the sky as the Amazon River does on land. They unleash intense winds and heavy rain as they surge across the Pacific Ocean, eventually making landfall on the U.S. West Coast, contributing to many high-tide flooding events."

Droughts, Increased Temperatures, and Wildfires Result in Desertification

Droughts and heat waves are killing many of our trees. In addition, climate change feedback loops are accelerating the extinction of trees.

The Momentum of Rain

As rain becomes more massive, it will have greater momentum when it hits the ground. Food crops, solar panels, roofs, trees, plants, concrete, and asphalt will sustain more damage.

Extreme Rainfall-surge Hazard Risks

As the Earth warms, the air will hold more moisture. More moisture-laden air moves over land and creates atmospheric rivers.

Extreme Weather Events Cost $306 Billion

2017 will be remembered as a year of extremes for the U.S. as floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, drought, fires and freezes claimed hundreds of lives and visited economic hardship upon the nation. In 2017, the U.S. experienced 16 weather and climate disasters each with losses exceeding $1 billion, totaling approximately $306 billion -- a new U.S. record.

Bomb Cyclone: Extreme Weather Events and Climate Change

"'Bomb cyclone' blasting East Coast before polar vortex uncorks tremendous cold late this week. The most severe winter weather yet will assault the area late this week." -- washingtonpost.com (January 3, 2018)

Killing Ourselves With Climate Change

WASHINGTON DC — Climate change is maiming and killing humans. “This isn't just about glaciers and the polar bears; it's about the health of our family and our kids," said Gina McCarthy, administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, one of eight U.S. agencies that contributed to the report. "To protect ourselves and future generations, we […]

Significant Climate Events

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) > November 2015 was the warmest November on record for the globe. > January-November 2015 (YTD) was the warmest such period on record for the globe. > September-November (N. Hemisphere fall) was the warmest such period on record for the globe. > The November 2015 average global sea surface […]

Strongest Hurricane On Record

NOAA — Hurricane Patricia is the strongest hurricane on record in the National Hurricane Center’s area of responsibility (AOR) which includes the Atlantic and the eastern North Pacific basins. The minimum central pressure estimated from the aircraft data, 880 mb, is the lowest ever for our AOR. Maximum sustained winds remain near 200 mph (325 […]

Sixth 1000-year Rain Since 2010

Human induced climate change is causing more volatile and extreme weather events. The rain in South Carolina was the 6th 1000-year rain since 2010. We are not saying that the Earth’s temperature is just going to rise. In general, as energy is added to a system, the fluctuations in the system increase. So, we expect […]

California Wildfires Burn Over 700 Homes

The extreme weather conditions have fueled wildfires in Northern California. “I’m in shock. I want to cry. I’m looking at my neighbors’ places, and they’re all gone, and I’m still here,” Middletown homeowner Jim Maurer said. “We’re just shaking our heads.” The AP reports: The fire and another in the Gold Rush country of the […]

Simultaneous Category 4 Hurricanes

NOAA reports: Three major hurricanes continue over the Pacific Ocean this morning. Hurricane Ignacio is centered about 320 miles east of Hilo, Hawaii, with maximum sustained winds of 115 mph – a Category 3 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale. There are no coastal watches or warnings in effect, but interests in the Hawaiian […]

EPA: Climate Change Report

WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today released one of the most comprehensive analyses to date on the economic, health and environmental benefits to the United States of global climate action. The peer-reviewed report, “Climate Change in the United States: Benefits of Global Action,” examines how future impacts and damages of climate change across […]

Catastrophic Impacts of Climate Change

A study by University College London (UCL) concludes we heave severely underestimated the health impacts of global warming. “The frequency and intensity of extreme weather events will dramatically increase.” “In essence, whether we respond to "the biggest global health threat of the 21st century” is no longer a technical or economic question... it is […]

12.5 Million Dead Trees in California

CALIFORNIA — In a survey conducted by the U.S. Forest Service, they found the severe drought in California has caused the death of over 12 million trees. California is in its third year of drought. In 2014, a large increase in tree mortality was observed, especially in the Central Coast and Southern Sierra Ranges. Ground […]

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