Climate Change: What Can I Do?

by Daniel Brouse and Sidd Mukherjee
June 22, 2022

Achieving "net zero" is not only accessible but also cost-effective, providing substantial savings while contributing to the preservation of our planet. Here are some practices I've adopted to reach net zero without compromising my standard of living, and, in fact, surpassing it in an effort to eliminate all my pollution. The simplest way to commence this journey is through energy conservation. Be mindful of your energy usage, refrain from unnecessary consumption, turn off devices when not in use, and opt for low-energy products.

  1. Consume less. Consumer habits have played a significant role in damaging the world's environment and economies. The insatiable demands of mass consumption have led to the exploitation of natural resources and the emission of pollution and greenhouse gases. In many instances, it's feasible to choose not to consume certain products entirely. Travel, fashion, and meat are examples of areas where consumption could be minimized. Reducing overall consumption is the most impactful individual contribution towards eliminating pollution and mitigating the effects of climate change. The critical aspect of reducing consumption is to cease burning fossil fuels and using hydrocarbon products immediately. (Hydrocarbons encompass plastics, polymers, petroleum, and natural gas.)
  2. Electricity and heat are leading contributors to greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. Food and land use constitute the second-largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions.
  4. Transportation represents the third-largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.
  5. Create a sustainable and climate-resilient environment in and around your home by providing wind breaks, shade, moisture retention, climate control, and preventing soil degradation.
  6. Improve stormwater management, including rain barrels, rain gardens, trees, and permeable pavement all help mitigate the impact of extreme precipitation by reducing the intensity and frequency of flash flooding, as well as, reducing erosion.
  7. Become a shareholder advocate.
  8. Reduce indoor pollution with natural air purifiers, aromatherapy, and indoor forest bathing.
  9. Optimize your diet and health.

* Our climate model employs chaos theory to comprehensively consider human impacts and projects a potential global average temperature increase of 9℃ above pre-industrial levels.

What Can I Do?
All the above are actions you can take to contribute to saving the planet. Each person bears the responsibility to minimize pollution, discontinue the use of fossil fuels, reduce consumption, and foster a culture of love and care. The Butterfly Effect illustrates that a small change in one area can lead to significant alterations in conditions anywhere on the globe. Hence, the frequently heard statement that a fluttering butterfly in China can cause a hurricane in the Atlantic. Be a butterfly and affect the world.

Thank you. My life depends on it.

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