COVID-19 / SARS-CoV-2 / Novel Coronavirus Emergency Management Plan

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COVID: The Natural Immunity Myth

long-COVID: What we know about Long Haulers Syndrome

COVID in Your Genes
How COVID-19 alters your genetics and causes long term problems.

COVID Vaccine Breakthrough Cases

COVID, Vitamin B3 (Nicotinic Acid), and the Immune System

COVID-19 Emergency Management Plan

COVID-19 Induced Secondary Pellagra (CISP)

COVID-19: A Survivor's Story
Recovering from Long-COVID with NAD+ treatments

COVID-19: NAD+ Protocol
NAD+ is a crucial part of the immune system. COVID depletes your NAD+. The body needs the time and materials necessary to replenish NAD+. Included in the elements you need are Vitamin B3, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Quercetin, Zinc, and Selenium.

COVID-19: Immunity, Antibodies, and Memory T Cells
Until more is known, recovered COVID patients should take great care and avoid exposure to all bacteria and viruses, including COVID.

COVID-19 and Negative Feedback Loops
The more often your body suffers damage, than the more severe each additional exposure will become.

COVID, Tryptophan, Stress, Anxiety, and Pellagra
COVID depletes your NAD+. The body depletes tryptophan trying to make NAD+. This causes anxiety.

Long-COVID and Environmental Aggravators
Air Pollution, Elevation, and Temperature

NAD+ Plus Immune System Diet

COVID-19 Delta Variant and Vaccines

COVID Long Haulers Syndrome: NAD+ Deficiency
Research by Ade Wentzel, Robert Miller, and Guy Richards has found COVID-long (Long Haulers Syndrome) is a result of an NAD+ deficiency caused by SARS-CoV-2 (novel coronavirus).

COVID Mutation and Variant Threats
Are we creating a vaccine resistant virus?

COVID: Vitamin D, Sunlight, the Season, and People of Color
A human’s main source of Vitamin D is the synthesis of UVB radiation through your skin. The chemical reaction creates Vitamin D and other photoproducts essential for a healthy immune system. Taking a Vitamin D supplement is NOT the same as your body making Vitamin D.

COVID-19 Testimonial
There may be a complete recovery from COVID.

The Real Mortality Rate of COVID-19
The formula for calculating a mortality rate.

The Economic Costs of COVID Re-openings
What is the cost of a lifelong disability?

Difficulty of Testing for COVID Infection and COVID Exposure

COVID, Vitamin K, and NAD+
... low NAD+ will result in low Vitamin K metabolism interfering with blood thinner medications and blood coagulation.

COVID-19 and Air Pollution
Large portions of world are susceptible to particulate and ozone pollution causing preexisting respiratory and immune system problems.

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