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we have a passion for recording in an impromptu fashion

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The musical multimedia projects of The Philadelphia Spirit Experiment are "clickable" in the guide below. All songs are written and performed live (see Handcrafted Music and Chaos Theory for more details on human acoustics).

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Individuals under 18 years of age must read the warning before listening to any of the music.

Our History

In 1986, several people happened together and proceeded to jam in their Philadelphia cave. Not a group of people getting together for the purpose of fame and fortune, but rather an experiment in spirit, mind and body. The spontaneous get-togethers are a strange thing to try n' explain....

The band of minstrels becomes known as the Electric Slugs. As Electric Slugs leave glistening trails, the organizational side of the team formed Glistening Trail Records. After some rites-of-passage, the Force became stronger... and Glistening Web Communications Corporation, whose sole purpose is to help mankind, was formed.

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