Halo and the Chaos Den

from Bungie:

You up for a challenge?

Halocharts’ Firefight Challenge Staff recently put together a brand new challenge for the community at large. And, just a quick note to all those players who think they have mastered it all… trust me… we’ve been running this one for over a week now. Though we’ve got lots of players, I’m certainly not seeing anyone tearing into us for issuing the community a cakewalk. Hopefully, you’ve completed the Campaign Level Data Hive because this challenge takes place on the Chasm Ten map.

For this challenge, we’re way down deep below the surface; now, you’d better think your strategy through thoroughly, or it’s going to be a quick run. You’ll need to determine if you’re going to fight the Covenant forces from those narrow catwalks up above and where weapons are generally a bit more scarce or try taking ‘those bastards out from down below (where there’s a lot more running room and more potential to get showered with enemy fire and grenades flying at you from the enemies working on over from up above.)

Fail this mission and there’s a large hole already opened up to dump your sorry carcass. Gear up trooper and get to work.

For all the Rules and Requirements, jump here: http://halocharts.com/grouppages.php?group_id=3703&page=HCFFC5ChaosDen

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