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Da Jam was spread over three days. All songs were written and recorded live. Before this "dining room & attic" recording session, these musicians had never played together.

Bob Snake Handling The Basement

Many amazing things happened, including a wide range of musical styles... thus the title of the project, Miles To Oz. (From the avant-garde style of music associated with Miles Davis to the heavy duty style of Ozzy Osbourne)

The songs have a life all of their own. In one instance, while members of Missing Socks were sitting-in, there was ad lib playing by the other musicians to a song they had already written. (Video Clip 700k .avi file) Sometimes the Dixieland Band & Reggae style of picking a popular tune and playing it on-the-spot was evoked. There were even a couple tunes, such as Downtrodden, in which the drumming was recorded in Florida and shipped to Pennsylvania (where the rest of the Snakes played it on a CD player while playing along live). But mostly, someone would start a beat or chord sequence, and the others would just "get in the groove." The music was captured on a one track digital recorder.

C. Moore Snake Handling Piano Jam

But, it ain't over yet... now people from all over the Internet are joining in with webpages and other multimedia. Here. See what I mean....

The Players

Doubting Robert: bass, guitars, vocals, and keyboards
Sidd: door hinges, beer cans, dry-ice, vocals, and multimedia production
Capn': drums, vocals, sound effects, and multimedia production
Wally: guitars, bass, vocals, drums
Krishna: guitar and vocals
Marty: drums and vocals
C. Moore Teetes: piano, keyboards, guitars, vocals, flute, mandolin, triangle, and multimedia production.

The Stuff That Happened

Krishna Index Of The Pieces

Special Effects: Fun With Dry-ice

Viewpoint: Jam Band vs. Song Band

Video Clip (3.4M .avi file)


  1. Look All Around
  2. Parsifal Blues
  3. Downtrodden
  4. How Long?
  5. Shadows
  6. Get Me Out!
  7. After All

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