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Ocimum Basilicum


As long as there’s been damsels in distress,
Basil’s powers have been put to the test,
Should I share a sprig with you,
You’ll fall in love… there’s nothing you can do,
And, would you believe,
That you’ll never leave?

Ahhh… sweet, sweet basil,
It’s hard to get my fill,
Ahhh… sweet, sweet basil,
Blurt, “St. Josephwort,”
Yell, “Krishnamul,”
Call it what you will.

You can use the stuff,
For a headache snuff,
Or, to help time pass,
Instead of gas,
And, your love will love,
Holding you above,
All others.

So, if you have any druthers,
I’m here to tell ya,
It’ll cure your nausea,
It’s the right thing to take,
For a stomach ache,
Though I can appreciate,
The debate,
Is it good for love or hate?
Protector or danger?
Give you breath,
Or, cause your death?
Fear not,
Don’t let it be a stranger.

In case you forgot,
Ocimum Basilicum –
Smell royally…
Enjoy totally.

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