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Low Impact Gardening And Farming

Notes on How to Be a Low Impact Fitness Farmer and Singing Gardner

One of the biggest man-made problems is the use of land for farming. The clearing of land for farms is contributing to global warming in such a way as to compound the disaster in an exponential way — as more land is cleared for farming, more greenhouse gases are created and less mature plants are available to consume CO2.

Low impact farming means you do not destroy or drastically alter a habitat.

Basic diet advice: eat indigenous to your climate

For instance, if you live in Florida and like fruit high in Vitamin C, perhaps oranges would be a good choice.. However, if you live in Pennsylvania, cherries and raspberries might be a better choice. This simple change may make your Ph level much nicer to live with.

Not only is it hard to get fat on an indigenous diet, but the chemicals needed to make you feel best are also found in the local grown foods.

Try not to clear land and plant single crops in any given area. Instead, grow a variety of crops in a variety of locations. Vertically grown cucumbers can be planted alongside mints. Tomatoes can be inter-mixed with basil plants.

Minimize the amount of fending needed to separate the plants from the animals. Rather than enclosing a large space with a fence, put up many small fences
designed specifically to protect the particular plants from the specific animals that will destroy them.

No Till
Avoid plows and rototillers. Over time, plant a wide variety of plant that grow in harmony with each other in small plots. The intermingling of the species will help keep out the weeds.

Hands On
Attempt to use your hands as much as possible. There are benefits to smelling and touching many plants.

Use as little outsourced water as possible. Utilize rain to the best of the gardens ability. Add additional water from captured rain and reclaimed waste water.

Well Being
Gardening can be way-of-life that benefits the spirit, mind and body. Walking, singing, whistling, watering can be good for you both physically and mentally.

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