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More Death Coming

Building war memorials will be a growing business, as Obama compounds Bush’s errors. Propping up corrupt puppet leaders and killing their subjects seems to be the preferred folly of US presidents.

How to Lose Afghanistan

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Drugs Winning War on Drugs

Michigan legislators see sense. Perhaps they will begin locking up bankers instead. After all, it is the biggest cash crop in the USA.

High Times in Michigan

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Money Pit in Sand

Built on slave labor and borrowed money, an extravaganza of opulence and misery is set to echo Shelley’s “Ozymandias.” Now all the money is gone, the slaves flee, and kleptocrat rulers fight usurious moneylenders in a background of half built dreams and pooling sewage.
Couldn’t have happened to a nicer buncha thieves.
Soon, as [...]

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Secret Treaties Gag Free Speech

Operating in secrecy, the USA and other countries conspire to remove free speech protections. Orwell was right. How long before we see “Newspeak” and “Thoughtcrime” ?
Global DMCA

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Judge Rules Against Bank’s “Repulsive” Behavior

In a very unusual legal decision, Judge Jeffrey Spinner ruled against a California bank that he said behaved in a “harsh, repugnant, shocking and repulsive” manner.
The ruling against OneWest and the IndyMac mortgage division has relieved the homeowners of their $291,000 original mortgage, as well as, $235,000 in interest.
The judge wrote that OneWest’s conduct was [...]

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Concerns Over Puffs And Vicks

I was using Proctor & Gamble’s Puffs tissue with Vicks for a recent cold, and now I keep smelling and tasting camphor-eucalyptus, Vicks Vapor rub-like scent in my mouth. This is the 2nd day, and I find myself holding my breath when I eat just so my food doesn’t taste/smell like camphor. I’m
nervous that [...]

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