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Unearthed: Egyptian Cat Goddess

Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities announced the finding of a 2000-year-old temple that is believed to for the Egyptian cat goddess, Bastet.
The photo was released by Egypt’s supreme council of antiquities showing the ancient cat-goddess Bastet found amongst the temple’s ruins in the Kom el-Dekkah area of the Mediterranean port city of Alexandria. Archaeologists have [...]

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The Bible… As Old As Moses Toes?

The oldest known Hebrew writing has been discovered on a piece of potery. The piece dates from the period of King David’s reign, the 10th century B.C. It reads:
1′ you shall not do [it], but worship the [Lord].
2′ Judge the sla[ve] and the wid[ow] / Judge the orph[an]
3′ [and] the stranger. [Pl]ead for [...]

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