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The Health Of Earth’s Systems

NASA — December 18, 2009, marks the tenth year since the launch of Terra, one of NASA’s “flagship” Earth observing satellites. But the decade is more than just a mechanical milestone. With each additional day and year that the satellite monitors Earth, scientists achieve a lengthened record of Earth’s vital signs. It’s that record that [...]

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MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. – South Carolina is in the midst of its worst wildfires in more than thirty years. The fire in Horry County has already burned over thirty square miles destroying at least 70 homes.

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Oklahoma And Texas Fires
Western and central Oklahoma, as well as, Texas are experiencing severe wildfires. Paul Cunningham, the Sheriff of Montague County in North Texas said, “We’ve lost communities. Stoneburg is pretty much gone.”
Hundreds of homes and businesses have burned. Seventy mile-an-hour winds are fanning the fires. Just in Texas, more than [...]

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