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The Health Of Earth’s Systems

NASA — December 18, 2009, marks the tenth year since the launch of Terra, one of NASA’s “flagship” Earth observing satellites. But the decade is more than just a mechanical milestone. With each additional day and year that the satellite monitors Earth, scientists achieve a lengthened record of Earth’s vital signs. It’s that record that [...]

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Holy Cow! Meat Pollution?

with quotes from Agence France Presse
Many scientists believe the raising of meat for human consumption is a major source of green house gases. “That’s because beef is such an incredibly inefficient food to produce and cows release so much harmful methane into the atmosphere,” said Nathan Pelletier of Dalhousie University in Canada.
“Meat once was [...]

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What In The World Is Going On Here?

By Rev. LeRoy Montana
So, there’s this little planet. Eight people live there.
And there’s an apple tree that has seven apples.
Make sure everybody gets an equal share of the apples; socialism?
The apples belong to the planet and everybody gets some; communism?
Somebody doesnt get an apple – maybe they can trade a something equal in value, or, [...]

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