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California Wild Fires

by InciWeb
The Sheep Fire started near Sheep Canyon Road near Lytle Creek at about 2:11 pm on Saturday October 3, 2009. It burned northeast to Swarthout Canyon Road, then northwest up Lone Pine Canyon. It is currently burning near the top of Lone Pine Canyon near Wrightwood, CA. It has not crossed Hwy 138 at [...]

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Mississippi Disaster

President Obama Signs Mississippi Disaster Declaration
The President today declared a major disaster exists in the State of Mississippi and ordered Federal aid to supplement State and local recovery efforts in the area struck by severe storms, flooding, and tornadoes during the period of March 25-28, 2009.
Federal funding is available to State and eligible local governments [...]

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MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. – South Carolina is in the midst of its worst wildfires in more than thirty years. The fire in Horry County has already burned over thirty square miles destroying at least 70 homes.

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Oklahoma And Texas Fires
Western and central Oklahoma, as well as, Texas are experiencing severe wildfires. Paul Cunningham, the Sheriff of Montague County in North Texas said, “We’ve lost communities. Stoneburg is pretty much gone.”
Hundreds of homes and businesses have burned. Seventy mile-an-hour winds are fanning the fires. Just in Texas, more than [...]

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GM and Segway For Two Wheeled Car-scooter

Unique solution opens new horizons in personal mobility
NEW YORK – General Motors Corp. and Segway today demonstrated a new type of vehicle that could change the way we move around in cities.
GM and Segway Join Forces to Reinvent Urban Transportation
Dubbed Project P.U.M.A. (Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility), GM and Segway are developing an electrically powered, [...]

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Holy Cow! Meat Pollution?

with quotes from Agence France Presse
Many scientists believe the raising of meat for human consumption is a major source of green house gases. “That’s because beef is such an incredibly inefficient food to produce and cows release so much harmful methane into the atmosphere,” said Nathan Pelletier of Dalhousie University in Canada.
“Meat once was [...]

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Earth: Local Headlines For Global Green Community

Norristown, PA — Local community groups are taking a global position on the environment. Meetings and events for Spring Clean-up are underway.
Full Article: Norristown, PA Community Clean-up Meeting
Full Article: Norristown, PA Spring Clean-up
Ambler, PA — The Main Street Green Committee released minutes from their last meeting. The initiatives include developing a [...]

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Whitehouse Briefing: Auto Industry To Adhere To MPG Standards

SUBJECT: The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007
In 2007, the Congress passed the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA). This law mandates that, as part of the Nation’s efforts to achieve energy independence, the Secretary of Transportation prescribe annual fuel economy increases for automobiles, beginning with model year 2011, resulting in a combined fuel [...]

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Fish Help Slow Global Warming With Gut Rocks

Scientists believe fish excrete lumps of calcium carbonate, known as “gut rocks,” that help maintain the ocean’s pH level.
By drinking salt water, fish ingest a lot of calcium, and they excrete more or less calcium carbonate depending on their size and the temperature of the water. “For a given total mass of fish, smaller fish [...]

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Department Of Energy

Energy Sources
Energy is the vital force powering business, manufacturing, and the transportation of goods and services to serve the American and world economies. Energy supply and demand plays an increasingly vital role in our national security and the economic output of our nation. It is not surprising that the United States spends over [...]

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