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Russia Vs. USA Nuclear Treaty

MR. GIBBS: All right, I’ll just get slightly organized.
Q Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said not too long ago that a signing on a START I replacement would happen soon, and I’m wondering if you can flesh that out and if that might be something that’s going to be happening in conjunction [...]

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The President’s West Point Speech

MR. EARNEST: Good afternoon, everybody, and thanks for your patience today; we’ve been waiting for the traveling press corps, who’s in West Point today to cover the speech in person — for them to be screened and for them to be available to jump on this call. So I think many of them [...]

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More Death Coming

Building war memorials will be a growing business, as Obama compounds Bush’s errors. Propping up corrupt puppet leaders and killing their subjects seems to be the preferred folly of US presidents.

How to Lose Afghanistan

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Wrestling Divas Visit Troops in Afghanistan

Send Babe Bombs Instead of Dropping Bombs
By Army Spc. Opal Hood
Special to American Forces Press Service
BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan, April 1, 2009 – Troops from different service branches and different countries eagerly got into a line that wrapped around the inside of a tent here March 24 to meet four former World Wrestling Entertainment “divas.”
For more [...]

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Get Out Of Town… Or, At Least Iraq

President Obama announced today that the USA would pull its military troops out of Iraq over the next 18 months.
The announcement comes one day after the Secretary of Defense announced a change to the Photographing of Caskets of Fallen Troops policy.
SEC. GATES: I’d like to address two subjects today.

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Is the USA at War With Pakistan?
How many countries is the United States at war with? It would appear as though Pakistan needs to be added to the list. Another missile attack killed 27 in Pakistan. Drone aircraft have been launching attacks in Pakistan since at least July. There are reports of more than 30 such invasions. [...]

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Murdering and maiming children — war crimes?

Bullets in the brain, shrapnel in the spine: the terrible injuries suffered by children of Gaza
Doctors at a hospital near Gaza are almost overwhelmed by the number of Palestinian children needing treatment for bullet wounds to their heads.
Israeli television broadcast desperate cries for help from a Palestinian doctor on Friday after his children were killed [...]

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U.S. Army Pvt. Gregory Lloyd searches for munitions near Forward Operating Base Kalsu, Iraq, Dec. 29, 2008. Lloyd is assigned to 1st Battalion, 2nd Infantry Regiment, 172nd Infantry Brigade.
U.S. Navy photo by Petty Officer 1st Class Wendy Wyman

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