Dm / Dbm / Bmm


     "You say you're gonna leave me,
      But, I refuse to let you go!"

You're my honey pie,
So, pleeeeease shove,
The one I love,
This way,
I'm in a rush,
To get my,

The sweeeeetleaf,
Is calorie free,
Yet, believe me...
Sweeter by far,
Than sugar,
Are you in disbelief?
Try a leaf,
Eat it fresh...
Dried, powdered or liquid,
And, nevertheless,
You'll enjoy the goodness,
I know I did!

Even safe for a diabetic,
It's helpful for a medic,
Sort-of an "herb absurd,"
'cause it seems to good,
To be true...
But, I've told you,
The best I could,
So, I hope you get it?
(And, get it!)

Soooooooo  sweet,
Mother Nature's treat,
Soooooooo sweet,
A prize...
For listening,
To the words of the wise,
A reward...
For ingesting,
The word.

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