Mentha Piperita

Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) / MP3

Em / B / A


I thought I had a hint,
About mint,
But, I didn't.

What do I know?
Turns out Pluto,
Had a falling out,
Over the nymph, Minthe,
Once found out about...
Pluto's wife, Persephone,
Couldn't leave it alone,
On the world's stage,
She flew into rage,
Turning Minthe,
A lowly plant,
To be trod upon,
And, well...
No matter how much rave or rant,
Pluto could not undo the spell,
But, the pain he did lessen,
So, that if you should happen,
To stamp or tramp,
Her smell would grow.

What did I know?
I thought I had a hint,
About mint,
But, I didn't.

You never fail,
To cure a stomach ail,
Your oil, menthol,
Is essential for all,
A new testament,
To hedyosmon,
A treatment,
For Human.

From Peppermint
By Gernot Katzer

Main constituents
The essential oil of peppermint (up to 2.5% in the dried leaves) is mostly made up from menthol (ca. 50%), menthone (10 to 30%), menthyl esters (up to 10%) and further monoterpene derivatives (pulegone, piperitone, menthofurane). Traces of jasmone (0.1%) improve the oil's quality remarkably.

In the New Testament, the mint is called hedyosmon (see also pomegranate). This compound means "the sweet smelling one" (see licorice for more information) and "smell", related to English odour, cf. Latin olere "to smell."

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