C# / D#m7 / F#


Since I can't pass,
I have to know how,
To act like a cow,
Chew it up n' spit it out,
Without a doubt,
Turns my saliva,
To liquid sunshine,
It'll keep me alive, yeah!
And, feeling fine.

Old wives,
Tell tale,
Of how it saves lives,
Without fail,
Detoxifies the blood,
Real good,
My fill of chlorophyll,
Might inhibit a carcinogen,
Or, prevent some bacteria,
From gaining control,
And, a....
It can quell,
A hungry appetite,
Or, improve the digestion,
Of my diet,
Some try it,
To set their liver straight,
They even say,
It can stop my hair,
From turning gray.

Scoring 92,
Out of a 102,
It gives you,
An "A",
In mineral intake,
Wouldn't you say?

For goodness sake,
The globs of chlorophyll,
Are more similar, still,
To our hemoglobin,
Just release,
A little magnesium,
And, seize iron,
To run, run, run.
Care to have some?


Wheatgrass sprouts have become a favorite of the herb-world. Although it is not digestible, the juice extract (known as liquid sunshine) contains almost all the essential nutrients to keep humans alive. The easiest way to extract the juice is to slowly chew it. Then, spit out the remains.

Some other plants that I like to chew and spit out include sweet clover and thistle.

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