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Following an on-site visit a comprehensive Needs Analysis Report is completed.

An outline of the Project Scope and Timeline Expectation Summary will be presented for approval.

The on-site Consulting Schedule will be established.

Needs Analysis Report

The initial on-site visit is essential in establishing the basis from which your customized plan will be designed. We will discuss your vision for the organization and how you see this division working to support and enhance that goal. Gathering statistical and demographic information, getting an overview of your organization, meeting your staff and monitoring the work-flow will prove vital in assessing the priorities within your plan.

The Needs Analysis Report is designed to give you an outline of the projects that need to be addressed, the overall scope of the plan and its components.

This report is designed to be all-inclusive. It will address immediate and long-term needs. It incorporates any areas of concern within the department: systems, hardware, software, reports, and connectivity, budgets, rates, zoning, promotions, marketing, staffing, expansion, product launch, alliances, acquisitions, or redesign.

Project Scope and Timeline Expectation Summary

It is refreshing to know at the beginning of a project what is needed and the estimated time of arrival. Everyone wants to go into an important revenue-producing project with all the information that is available.

In this summary I will enumerate the project categories, give an outline of qualifying factors, and the length of time needed to implement and/or complete these projects.

Consulting Schedule

We know what our needs are, we have a blueprint and an ETA, it is time to get started!

We will work together to set up an agenda that fits your requirements. I will make every effort to start your Customized Strategic Plan implementation at once. I appreciate your desire to begin generating additional revenue, immediately.

Everyone wants to generate additional revenue and there are, on the average, only 4.5 weeks per month. Contact me today and start building your Net Profits immediately.

"Keep doing the same thing you're doing,
and you'll end up in the same place you are"