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Toronto Pictures

Los Angeles, California — Toronto Pictures, Inc (PINK: TTOPF) announced the appointment of Ms. Vivian Afriyie as Chief Financial Officer. Vivian has over twelve years of experience in the forensic, financial accounting and corporate finance. Prior to joining Toronto Pictures, Vivian was the director of financial planning and business operations at Business Management Solutions where [...]

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2009: Year In Review

Click here for the 2009 Year In Review Computers And Internet Security, Entertainment, Music, Environmental Issues, Games, News, Songs and Sustainability.

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Lemonheads Sue GM

The frontman for the band The Lemonheads, Evan Dando, is sueing GM and their ad agency Asche & Spencer Music, Inc. Dando claims GM violated his copyrights by using the song “It’s a Shame About Ray” in a 2008 advertising campaign. “The Lemonheads are an American alternative rock band, formed in 1986 by singer/guitarist Evan [...]

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The RIAA: A Wolf In Wolf’s Clothing

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) claims to have the artists / musicians best interest at heart. However, over the years they have proved that this is not the case. The RIAA has launched countless lawsuits against almost anybody and their grandmother… literally: The Electronic Frontier Foundation, American Civil Liberties Union and Public Citizen [...]

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Witness Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel has been a long time supporter of The Witness program is about human rights. One of their main thrusts has been to empower people that witness human rights violations. A primary means to this end is to provide individuals with cameras so that they can document injustices. For instance, one of the [...]

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Coldplay Left In The Cold?

by If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is there to hear it, did it make a sound? This old teaser of a question comes to mind with the allegations of plagiarism against Coldplay. Before they became a number one selling artist, would anyone accuse them of stealing a song? Now, [...]

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Iggy & The Stooges on the Death of Ron Asheton

Ronald Frank Asheton July 17, 1948 – January 6, 2009 We are shocked and shaken by the news of Ron’s death. He was a great friend, brother, musician, trooper. Irreplaceable. He will be missed. For all that knew him behind the façade of Mr Cool & Quirky, he was a kind-hearted, genuine, warm person who [...]

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Ticketmaster Settles Springsteen Probe

New Jersey — Ticketmaster has agreed to change its business practices after a suit was filed by the New Jersey Attorney General. Springsteen had said, “We were informed that Ticketmaster was redirecting your log-in requests for tickets at face value, to their secondary site TicketsNow, which specializes in up-selling tickets at above face value. They [...]

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Oscars Best Soundtrack

Slumdog Composer A.R. Rahman Takes Home 2 Oscars A.R. Rahman is from India. Only twice before has an Indian won an Oscar. Rahman won two in one night for best original soundtrack and best original song. Both are from the movie “Slumdog Millionaire.” “I was excited and terrified,” he said. “The last time I felt [...]

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Can’t Beat The Beatles

A new addition of the video game Rock Band will feature the music of the Beatles. This is interesting in several ways. First of all, that the Beatles could get everyone to agree to the legal issues is amazing. Did Yoko Ono, Apple Records, Sony and Michael Jackson all have to agree? At least I [...]

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