Diet & Fitness:
Whistle While You Work Gardening

Steamed Vegetables

by Daniel Brouse

Humans are omnivores. The most important elements to a healthy life include:

The basic way to accomplish an all-around healthy life is to grow the food you eat and sing while you are doing it.

If you can't sing, whistle while you work. Using a variety of instruments can help encourage nature to sing with you. For instance, a flute may get the birds to sing, drum sticks played on anything can get an insect rhythm section going, or a harmonica could get your dog to sing along. Singing in their language is another a great exercise. (Try not to be prejudice... I've jammed with rabbits, groundhogs, skunks, deer, locusts and many other pests.) Prayer and meditation are also important. Singing your prayers can do it all.

By touching, smelling, seeing and tasting plants throughout their entire life-cycle, you treat your body with many important drugs and therapies.

By singing or whistling while you do this, you help your lungs, ears, brain and more.

By working your garden, including collecting the water for your garden, you will become strong.

Keep an indoor garden all year even if it is just for clean air and aromatherapy during the outdoor growing season.

Sing the praises of gardening for health, diet and fitness.

PS There is no such thing as a weed. Save yourself the aggravation of misunderstanding cultivation.

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