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Who Owns American Idol?

Have you ever wondered who owns the TV show “American Idol”? The answer is CKx Inc. (NASDAQ: CKXE)

Simon Fuller is a manager and agent for stars like the Spice Girls. He developed the idea for Idol.

What does CKx stand for? “The “C” and “K” stand for “Content is King” which represents the core focus of the Company’s business strategy which is to acquire established content and to improve and enhance the development and marketing of such content. Other company’s previously founded by Robert F.X. Sillerman, our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, also utilized three letter names including an “X” and the Company wanted to take advantage of that recognition.”

In 2005, CKx’s took over Simon Fuller’s company, 19 Entertainment.” Recently, CKX, Inc. announced that Robert Dodds has been appointed CEO of 19 Entertainment. Mr. Dodds, who will assume responsibility for the day-to-day operations of 19 Entertainment, has served as its President since the company acquired his brand content firm, Freedom Media, in August 2006.

In his CEO role, Mr. Dodds succeeds Simon Fuller, who recently signed a long-term deal with CKX to continue to executive produce and provide overall global executive direction to CKX’s hit television and online shows.

Commenting on the announcement, Robert F.X. Sillerman, CKX’s Chairman and CEO said, “Robert has been central to the success of 19 Entertainment over the past three years. He has helped drive the growth of the IDOLS and So You Think You Can Dance franchises, and was pivotal in the development of our recently announced new multimedia initiative, If I Can Dream. As 19 continues to exploit these three and other lucrative opportunities, it is only appropriate that Robert assume the CEO’s role. We’re thrilled that he will be able to continue his excellent work with 19, while maintaining the Company’s strong ties to Simon.”‘

CKx has a record label deal with SonyBMG:
“SonyBMG will continue as the designated record label for winning American Idol contestants and 19 Entertainment will receive from SonyBMG a larger percentage of the revenue from the sales of recorded music from future American Idol artists.”

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