Food For Thought
A Spirited Guide to Gardening by Daniel

Food For Thought is a collection of songs and poems about traditional health foods. The songs are meant to be soundtracks to your research.

BONUS SONG: Before B3 The Anti-COVID Protocol -- Niacin B3, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Quercetin, Zinc, and Selenium

Introduction To Herbs


Hands-on Experience [basics of why you need to "work the garden" vs. taking a vitamin pill, etc.]

I Am What I Eat [how the body uses food to create a human]

Blooming Idiot [beyond the body needing food, the mind and spirit need nutrition, too.]

Are You Really Going to Put That in Your Mouth? [a sampling of "weird foods"]

Come And Get It! [favorite foods]

Guide To Edible Plants
How to Grow Healthy Food and Drink Good Water
Farming and Global Warming
Sidd's Science Center
Spirit, Mind and Body

by Daniel Brouse The Philadelphia Spirit Experiment Publishing Company
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