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Swine Influenza (Flu) Update on Outbreak

In response to an intensifying outbreak in the United States and internationally caused by a new influenza virus of swine origin, the World Health Organization raised the worldwide pandemic alert level to Phase 5 on April 29, 2009. A Phase 5 alert is a “strong signal that a pandemic is imminent and that the time [...]

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WHO Issues Epidemic and Pandemic Alert

The World Health Organization has issued a swine flu alert:
Epidemic and Pandemic Alert and Response (EPR)
Influenza-like illness in the United States and Mexico
The United States Government has reported seven confirmed human cases of Swine Influenza A/H1N1 in the USA (five in California and two in Texas) and nine suspect cases. All seven confirmed cases had [...]

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Swine Flu: When Pigs Fly

In one of the most bizarre disease outbreaks on record, a strain of swine flu has combined with bird flu and is killing humans. Over 1,000 people have been infected in Mexico with 70-100 deaths. At least 7 cases have been reported in the U.S.
The Center For Disease Control Reports:
Swine Influenza (Flu)
Swine Influenza [...]

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Bailout? What Bailout?

Washington, DC — There is a misplaced belief that the US government is bailing out big business and financial institutions; however, bailing out is probably not a good way to describe the arrangement.
Many of the small and medium sized banks did not want to take Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) money. At the time, [...]

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MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. – South Carolina is in the midst of its worst wildfires in more than thirty years. The fire in Horry County has already burned over thirty square miles destroying at least 70 homes.

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Alchemist Art Show

West Chester, PA and Los Angeles, CA — Photographer, Ed Simmons, worked for many years in the Greater Philadelphia Region. Now, his latest work will be featured at the Sabor y Cultura Cafe in Hollywood, California.
Mr. Simmons has developed a unique style and process that can be described as “Alchemist Art”. The developing [...]

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World Economic Outlook Update

by The International Monetary Fund (IMF)
World growth is projected to fall to ½ percent in 2009, its lowest rate since World War II. Despite wide-ranging policy actions, financial strains remain acute, pulling down the real economy. A sustained economic recovery will not be possible until the financial sector’s functionality is restored and credit markets are [...]

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Shooting Robots

Atlanta, GA — Shooting pictures of robots at the Georgia Dome.
Opening Ceremony
Team Introduction
Team Introduction 2
The Drivers Jump
Game Action (rear-view)
Team 341 Miss Daisy Scores
Team 341 Miss Daisy Scores Bigger
View From the Press Box
Robots Zoom Around The Field

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Hats Off To Ingenuity

Atlanta, GA — The FIRST Robotics championship is taking place at the Georgia Dome. Throughout the event, teams will be given the chance to win awards from a wide variety of categories. There are awards for enthusiasm and awards for ingenuity; however, perhaps… there should be a category that combines enthusiasm and ingenuity. [...]

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Georgia On My (If I Only Had a) Mind

Atlanta, GA — What happens when you gather geeks from around the world? Students interested in math and science gathered at the Georgia Dome for the FIRST robotics world championships. From Saudi Arabia to Israel and from Canada to Brazil, the youth traveled to Atlanta. There were over 500 high school teams [...]

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