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Advances In Hybrid Electric

An advancement in hybrid electric vehicle technology is providing powerful benefits beyond transportation.
Researchers at DOE’s’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory have designed, fabricated and demonstrated a PHEV traction drive power electronics system that provides significant mobile power generation and vehicle-to-grid support capabilities.
“The new technology eliminates the separate charging mechanism typically used in PHEVs, reducing both cost [...]

Substitution and Technological Change Under cap-and-trade

World Bank
by Considine, Timothy J. ; Larson, Donald F.
The use of carbon-intense fuels by the power sector contributes significantly to the greenhouse gas emissions of most countries. For this reason, the sector is often key to initial efforts to regulate emissions. But how long does it take before new regulatory incentives result in a switch [...]

Energy Data Available Anywhere, Any Time

Having rapidly established itself as a “go to” site for transportation and other related energy information, the Virtual Information Bridge to Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy (VIBE) is expanding its reach to attract new users across the widest range of energy issues. A sister site to VIBE, called Open Energy Information, has been launched to [...]

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