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Color Me Dumb

If you have a carrot,
Will you share it?
Color me dumb,
But, how come,
People are colorblind,
When food comes to mind?
Which do we prefer,
The carrot,
Or, the stick?
It’s hard to compare it,
To a carrot,
So, color me dumb,
But, how come,
We defer,
When it comes to diet?
We need to eat a rainbow,
For good health,
To follow,
So, for your own self-wealth,
I suggest to you:
The [...]

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When it comes to the dandelion,
It does one dandy,
And, I ain’t liein’.
One of the most vitamin rich foods,
That includes,
Protein and manganese,
So, you’d think it’d please?
But, nooooo…
We rip ‘em out,
From the root,
Calling it a “pesky weed,
Heaven forbid,
Don’t let it breed!”
(Ahh, but I wish we did…
Then, they’d be more out there,
… more for us to share.)
Instead, we [...]

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