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Upon suggestion,
Try aroma ingestion,
And, don’t be afraid,
To put your hands on,
Medicine can masquerade,
Right under your nose,
So, let it happen,
Chemicals fill the air,
As I mist their limbs,
Antiseptics –
Naturally happen,
Preventive care,
As I pick their bounty.
(I could go on ad nauseum,
But, you see,
That’s one of the things they do for me –
Take feelings like nausea… and cure ‘em.)
Hands-on [...]

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Lighten Up

Things aren’t right,
Without enough light,
I know,
The plants won’t grow,
But, what about Human,
Do we need to let the light in?
When I’m there standing,
Among the planting,
I come to an understanding –
It’s enlightening.
The light ray,
Has a way,
Of removing black and blues,
Like a dose of good news,
The light makes me shine,
… makes me feel real fine.
When the days grow [...]

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O2 And You

If you’ve ever had the urge,
To submerge,
Then you’ll know,
What I’m talking about,
Because O2,
Is not something,
You can go…
I suppose that’s something,
You already knew?
But, did you know,
All the things O2,
Can do for you?
Some believe,
It will relieve,
Sinuses, headaches and stress,
While increasing,
Energy and alertness,
So start releasing,
Some CO2,
And, breath in,
Those touting the benefit,
May go so far,
As to visit an “oxygen [...]

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Why Grow Up?

Why Grow Up?
It might be too soon,
To call me a loon,
You’ve had a rational lapse?
Is it that you think,
You’re too mature,
Well, take a drink,
From the fountain of youth,
It’ll help you nurture,
A better nature.
There’s wheatgrass, spinach and soy,
To enjoy,
Any of these,
* Can “almost” sustain,
* Are thought food for the brain,
* And, will help [...]

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