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Lighten Up

Things aren’t right,
Without enough light,
I know,
The plants won’t grow,
But, what about Human,
Do we need to let the light in?
When I’m there standing,
Among the planting,
I come to an understanding –
It’s enlightening.
The light ray,
Has a way,
Of removing black and blues,
Like a dose of good news,
The light makes me shine,
… makes me feel real fine.
When the days grow [...]

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Why Grow Up?

Why Grow Up?
It might be too soon,
To call me a loon,
You’ve had a rational lapse?
Is it that you think,
You’re too mature,
Well, take a drink,
From the fountain of youth,
It’ll help you nurture,
A better nature.
There’s wheatgrass, spinach and soy,
To enjoy,
Any of these,
* Can “almost” sustain,
* Are thought food for the brain,
* And, will help [...]

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