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Think Hard! Drink Hard!

Soft Water & Soft Minds
Since we’ve been studying drinking water for quite some time, I found it very interesting when several people asked me to write something on “water softeners.”
It seems somewhere along the line consumers have confused water purification with water softening. When it comes to drinking water, I believe water softeners are one [...]

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Herbie Herb & The Plant-its

Introducing Herbie Herb & the Plant-its…
they’re out of this world!
I’m Herbie Herb,
And, these are the plant-its,
We love to hoe,
And, sow,
So… without further ado,
We welcome you, again,
To our lil’ Garden Of Edan.
Herbie Herb?
Sound absurd?
I wonder if anyone,
Gets it?
Ahh, well…
We’ve already begun,
Since man’s first day,
Under our same sun,
There’s been a quest,
To conquer the taste test,
Everyone tries.
Pray tell,
Have [...]

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Scarborough Fair

traditional folk song
Are you going to Scarborough Fair?
Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.
Remember me to one who lives there.
She once was a true love of mine.
Tell her to make me a cambric shirt,
(a hill in the deep forest green)
Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme;
(tracing of sparrow on snow-crested brown)
Without no seams nor needle work,
(blankets and bedclothes the [...]

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Petroselinum Crispum
This Greek was no geek,
Spilling his blood,
For our food.
Keep the forerunner of death…
While you freshen your breath,
In an instant.
Put flatulence out of existence!
Good for your digestive system,
And, it’ll clear your skin,
Calm your nerves and help emotion,
With lots of vitamin A and C,
It’s easy to see,
Why it helps me.
Is good for my cranium,
Minerals, iron [...]

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Salvia Officinalis
Salvia Officinalis (Sage)
I engaged a sage,
Asking the savant,
If I could be Her servant?
I needed official advice,
On Salvia Officinalis:
“What is this…
Some sort-a spice?”
She told me to draw near,
And, hold these thoughts dear:
“Ancients from the earliest age,
Knew the power of sage,
Prompting the question,
Does it bring immortality?
(Well, at least,
It helps with beast digestion…
“Charlemagne knew,
What he could gain,
Planting [...]

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Rosmarinus Officinalis
What was that I was going to tell you?
Oh, yes. Don’t forget to eat your rosemary,
It will help you remember a thing or two,
And, it’s good for your soul… very!
Keep those evil spirits away,
Oh, Rosemary,
Please keep those spirits at bay.
The “Dew [...]

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Moist Spot

Why not,
Find a moist spot?
Especially in the winter,
When you try to keep hot,
Because turning up the heat,
Does defeat,
For humanity,
Needs water in the air,
To remain fair.
We will fall ill,
If our skin goes dry,
How about an eye,
Or, nostril?
Why not seek a moist spot,
Better yet… create your own,
Take a leak on a plant,
Or, pour into a pot,
Make a [...]

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Vegan Out

I’m not very good at vegin’,
My mind works best,
When put to the test.
I’m not very good at vegan,
My body works best,
When I digest –
Of God’s creations,
And vegetable.
You must have meat,
To be complete,
Without the B12 vitamin,
I can’t say, “I am.”
My mind will go numb,
Making me dumb,
My neurological system,
Will fall victim,
I won’t be able to say,
“I am.”
Vegan [...]

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You Are What You Eat

You are what you eat,
Drink and breathe,
An all natural,
Chemical diet,
Ain’t that a riot?
Most of me,
Is made of oxygen?
Say that again,
So, there…
I guess I really am,
Filled with hot air.
For a treat,
How about some carbon?
Would you believe,
That we all,
Have been?
There’s hydrogen,
And, nitrogen,
Um… [...]

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The USDA originally had a hand in developing the cartoon concept of Popeye. Here is what they have to say:
Popeye and Spinach: Remember Popeye cartoons which were designed to get children to eat spinach? Spinach is a great vegetable that is high in vitamin A, vitamin C, folate, calcium, and iron. Unfortunately, when Popeye [...]

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