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Indoor Gardens

Indoor gardens can:
* be inexpensive
* be easy to create
* help consume trash and pollution
* create oxygen
* help reduce greenhouse gas — carbon dioxide
* produce fresh food
* keep [...]

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How to Build a Bio(logical) Feedback Farm

People often ask, “What can I do to help the world be a better place.” Well, here is something that you can do! It is easy and fun. Why wouldn’t everyone try it?
Building your own bio-feedback farm will help reduce these types of pollution:
1. grocery and shopping bag trash
2. [...]

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Moist Spot

Why not,
Find a moist spot?
Especially in the winter,
When you try to keep hot,
Because turning up the heat,
Does defeat,
For humanity,
Needs water in the air,
To remain fair.
We will fall ill,
If our skin goes dry,
How about an eye,
Or, nostril?
Why not seek a moist spot,
Better yet… create your own,
Take a leak on a plant,
Or, pour into a pot,
Make a [...]

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Vegan Out

I’m not very good at vegin’,
My mind works best,
When put to the test.
I’m not very good at vegan,
My body works best,
When I digest –
Of God’s creations,
And vegetable.
You must have meat,
To be complete,
Without the B12 vitamin,
I can’t say, “I am.”
My mind will go numb,
Making me dumb,
My neurological system,
Will fall victim,
I won’t be able to say,
“I am.”
Vegan [...]

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You Are What You Eat

You are what you eat,
Drink and breathe,
An all natural,
Chemical diet,
Ain’t that a riot?
Most of me,
Is made of oxygen?
Say that again,
So, there…
I guess I really am,
Filled with hot air.
For a treat,
How about some carbon?
Would you believe,
That we all,
Have been?
There’s hydrogen,
And, nitrogen,
Um… [...]

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Spirit, Mind And everyBody

How disciplined,
Can I be,
About thinking,
Instead of my mind shrinking,
It could be expanded?
My first obstacle,
How hard can I think,
About thinking with ease?
I suppose,
You could call this,
A brain tease?
And, by trying to cipher,
I strengthen my brain,
But, it’s best done,
With no strain,
So, how do I run,
Without going faster?
Perhaps trying to figure,
How I fit in,
Is a good place to [...]

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Brain Food

What would you include,
As brain food?
I think,
I want to think better,
What should I eat and drink,
To make my noggin fitter?
What kinda food,
Should I include?
A full spectrum of colors,
Including the deepest green…
As well as, all the others,
And, delve into vitamin B12,
Found only in an animal product…
So, [...]

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Can you name,
An herb aquatic?
Absorb fanatic,
Taste fantastic.
Imagine this…
Sooooo delicious –
The flavor of,
Strength given,
From iron,
Not tasting placid,
Has ascorbic acid,
Feast again,
On vitamin,
Or, hey!
What about A?
You’ll gleam,
From the beta-carotene,
It’s been said,
To be a poor man’s bread,
Squeeze the juice,
Like you’re a slave,
You’ll produce,
Like Zeus…
And, the time you’ll save!
One of Hippocrates,
Good for humans,
A super food,
I try to include.
Think aquatic!
A delicious [...]

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When I grow up,
I want to be,
A French fry farmer,
Basking in the sun,
As the days grow warmer.
What do you know,
About the potato?
Do you know where it’ll grow?
Do you know how far it will go?
I wish,
I had the luck of the Irish,
With this dish.
On the other hand,
I can understand,
How devastating a dependence can be,
When faced with [...]

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I’m simply amazed by maize,
Its history can daze,
The fact that it’s been around,
For so many days,
By the American Indian,
To be a healthy bargain.
If you want your corn to pop,
The trick is in pollination…
And, isolation,
Then, in front of a movie,
You can plop,
And, chomp, chomp, chomp.
Yes, it’s easy to see,
What maize can do for me,
As part,
Of my [...]

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