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Salvia Officinalis
Salvia Officinalis (Sage)
I engaged a sage,
Asking the savant,
If I could be Her servant?
I needed official advice,
On Salvia Officinalis:
“What is this…
Some sort-a spice?”
She told me to draw near,
And, hold these thoughts dear:
“Ancients from the earliest age,
Knew the power of sage,
Prompting the question,
Does it bring immortality?
(Well, at least,
It helps with beast digestion…
“Charlemagne knew,
What he could gain,
Planting [...]

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Rosmarinus Officinalis
What was that I was going to tell you?
Oh, yes. Don’t forget to eat your rosemary,
It will help you remember a thing or two,
And, it’s good for your soul… very!
Keep those evil spirits away,
Oh, Rosemary,
Please keep those spirits at bay.
The “Dew [...]

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Thymus Vulgaris
In time of crisis,
Have pity,
Bless me with Tai-iti.
Find out how invigorating,
Less they use it for embalming,
Have you ever tried,
Thyme dried?
Increases the intensity,
Up to a factor of three.
Use as an antiseptic,
To help protect,
Or, for goodness sake,
Treat your headache,
Is your name due to your smoky flavor,
Or, mummification posture?
Essential for a Creole meal,
And, a Jamaican Jerk,
Thwart a [...]

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Ocimum Basilicum
As long as there’s been damsels in distress,
Basil’s powers have been put to the test,
Should I share a sprig with you,
You’ll fall in love… there’s nothing you can do,
And, would you believe,
That you’ll never leave?
Ahhh… sweet, sweet basil,
It’s hard to get my fill,
Ahhh… sweet, sweet basil,
Blurt, “St. Josephwort,”
Yell, “Krishnamul,”
Call it what you will.
You can [...]

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You’re so special,
You’re so cool,
You make me hot,
So, why not,
Quit being a fool,
And, get a re-fill,
Of methyl…
I think I will!
Methyl cinnamate,
Tastes great,
Gives my mouth a thrill,
Eating basil.
Methyl sulfonyl methane,
Is critical to remain,
Without enough sulfur,
I’ll surely suffer.
Methyl salicylate,
Turns to a fire state,
Setting off a spark,
In the dark.
Menthyl acetate,
I won’t hesitate,
’cause I don’t need to catch my [...]

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Mentha Piperita
I thought I had a hint,
About mint,
But, I didn’t.
What do I know?
Turns out Pluto,
Had a falling out,
Over the nymph, Minthe,
Once found out about…
Pluto’s wife, Persephone,
Couldn’t leave it alone,
On the world’s stage,
She flew into rage,
Turning Minthe,
A lowly plant,
To be trod upon,
And, well…
No matter how much rave or rant,
Pluto could not undo the spell,
But, the pain [...]

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Plant yourself down,
And, take a look around,
Can you see,
How you relate,
To the things before me,
And, on your plate?
This is a rant…
About phyto,
Which means — plant,
So, quick,
Let’s go,
So, that I can fix,
What ails,
And, slow the nails,
From my coffin,
Improving my immune system.
A phytochemical,
Is natural for all,
To use as defense,
Pollutants and disease,
What it does for the plant,
It can [...]

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Garlic, Chives And Scallions

Allium Sphaerocephalon, Tuberosum & Fistulosum
The Chinese,
Have been eating these,
Prior to 3,000 B.C.,
That’s way before me.
Will you go so far,
As to protect me,
How soon,
Can I be immune?
I confess,
I’m not that Herculean,
I surrender,
Can you render,
The carcinogen,
What about that ole’ wives’ tale?
I don’t wanna expire,
Due to some vampire,
Do you still,
Have the will,
To fight off evil?
Or, is the [...]

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I try not to avoid,
Oh, Mary, Mary,
Quite the contrary,
How does my garden,
By trying to know,
What beta carotene,
Does mean,
To my well-being.
Not equal,
To vitamin,
Nor phytochemical,
But, then again…
Just as critical.
I’m in the dark,
Can you help me see,
You give my eyes a spark,
Helping me see more clearly.
Oh, I love your hue,
Orange, red and yellow,
And, the things you do,
To help [...]

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Blooming Idiot

I just found out,
I’m breeding animals,
It took me about…
All my life.
But, before I grab the butcher’s knife,
I’d better figure,
The particulars,
Though it’s been said,
I’m a vegetable,
I’m really a meat head,
And, now the buzz –
I’m a blooming idiot.
Yup, that’s it,
I forgot to use my brain,
About how I fit in,
The food chain,
Where have I been?
Couldn’t I see,
That all [...]

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