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Sustainable Living?

I ask:
Can anyone offer up a short list of what humans need to sustain life?
x amount of potable water
x amount of calories / food
shelter from the elements
For a specified amount a time ?
What is the gender age and weight of the person?
Are they carieng for themselves or are there others involved?
What is the region they [...]

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Economics Of Alternative Energy Consumption

This article is part of a series on The Waterfall House energy experiment.
At the beginning of a this experiment, an economist said, “Using water will be cheaper than using electricity to control our environment.” A scientist said, “It can not be done.” So, the economist set-up the scientific experiment in an attempt to prove the [...]

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Cooling System Formulas

This article is part of a series on The Waterfall House energy experiment.
The Waterfall House had been up and running for several months.
After having two record days of heat in a row, I was asked:
A: Great! The details follow. In a nutshell — Yeeha! Unfriggin’ believable!!!
60 [...]

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About Waterfall Homes and Aqua Living

This article is part of a series on The Waterfall House energy experiment.
Using steam, solar and hydro to help reduce your energy consumption has many benefits. Two of the most obvious benefits are saving money and reducing your “footprint”.
Following are more ideas:
I. What Living In A Waterfall Does
1. cools the house evaporatively (roof [...]

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Introducing The Waterfall House

Q: Is a waterfall house possible?
1. Is it physically possible?
2. Is it economical?
A: Yes.
The escalating global energy crisis, and resulting climate crisis, is a problem worth solving. My preference would be nuclear fusion; however, the scientists have told me it is many years away. In fact, it may not ever be possible on [...]

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Oil And Petroleum Products

(Turn out the lights… the fossil fuel party’s over.)
All of us depend upon oil. Almost everything we do involves oil. I am typing this message and you are reading it using products and energy that derive substantially from oil.
Here are some numbers:
world consumption in 2001: 77 million barrels per day out of this, 5 million [...]

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Energy & Global Warming Facts

Scientists predict that if global warming continues at its present rate, by 2030 there will be no more glaciers in Montana’s Glacier National Park.
–National Wetlands Research Center, U.S. Geological Survey
Forty percent of the country’s lakes and rivers are unsuitable for fishing or swimming.
–U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
If Americans unplugged their televisions when they turned them off, [...]

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Donate My Body To Science

I asked sidd, “If i were to donate my body to science, how much energy could be produced from my mass? E=mc^2?”
Sidd replied:
First take your weight in kilos
Then, put in c=3×10e8 meter/s = c^2=9×10e16
E=72.3×9×10e16 = 6.5e18 joule
“How much is that,” I asked.
Well, lets see. If we turned you into energy, we could run a [...]

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Holy Cow! (The Poop On Poop)

An Overview of Eating Meat
Once I was talking to some farmers, and they made a joke about how many bushels of corn a person eats in a day. At first, I did not understand. I thought to myself, “Maybe I eat an ear of corn a day on average.” So, I prodded them further about [...]

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Eastern Ribbon Snake

The Eastern Ribbon Snake’s preferred habitat is wetlands. They are quite often found along streams and ponds. Frogs and other amphibians are their primary sources of food. The Ribbon snake is an adept swimmer and will pursue it’s prey which it eats live. The Ribbon snake rarely bites humans and will attempt to escape any [...]

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