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Plant yourself down,
And, take a look around,
Can you see,
How you relate,
To the things before me,
And, on your plate?
This is a rant…
About phyto,
Which means — plant,
So, quick,
Let’s go,
So, that I can fix,
What ails,
And, slow the nails,
From my coffin,
Improving my immune system.
A phytochemical,
Is natural for all,
To use as defense,
Pollutants and disease,
What it does for the plant,
It can [...]

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Vitamin K

What did you say,
Vitamin K?
No way!
It sounds absurd,
How come I’ve never heard?
Sorry, my fault,
I forgot,
If it’s not,
My blood won’t clot.
I refuse to bruise,
So, easily,
You see…
I don’t like being black and blue,
Do you?
It cooperates,
With calcium,
It facilitates,
They report,
It transports,
So, that I am,
Strong of teeth and bone.
Am I alone?
Come on… bring it on home!
Let’s here ya say,
Vitamin K,
Come [...]

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Garlic, Chives And Scallions

Allium Sphaerocephalon, Tuberosum & Fistulosum
The Chinese,
Have been eating these,
Prior to 3,000 B.C.,
That’s way before me.
Will you go so far,
As to protect me,
How soon,
Can I be immune?
I confess,
I’m not that Herculean,
I surrender,
Can you render,
The carcinogen,
What about that ole’ wives’ tale?
I don’t wanna expire,
Due to some vampire,
Do you still,
Have the will,
To fight off evil?
Or, is the [...]

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I try not to avoid,
Oh, Mary, Mary,
Quite the contrary,
How does my garden,
By trying to know,
What beta carotene,
Does mean,
To my well-being.
Not equal,
To vitamin,
Nor phytochemical,
But, then again…
Just as critical.
I’m in the dark,
Can you help me see,
You give my eyes a spark,
Helping me see more clearly.
Oh, I love your hue,
Orange, red and yellow,
And, the things you do,
To help [...]

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Color Me Dumb

If you have a carrot,
Will you share it?
Color me dumb,
But, how come,
People are colorblind,
When food comes to mind?
Which do we prefer,
The carrot,
Or, the stick?
It’s hard to compare it,
To a carrot,
So, color me dumb,
But, how come,
We defer,
When it comes to diet?
We need to eat a rainbow,
For good health,
To follow,
So, for your own self-wealth,
I suggest to you:
The [...]

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Blooming Idiot

I just found out,
I’m breeding animals,
It took me about…
All my life.
But, before I grab the butcher’s knife,
I’d better figure,
The particulars,
Though it’s been said,
I’m a vegetable,
I’m really a meat head,
And, now the buzz –
I’m a blooming idiot.
Yup, that’s it,
I forgot to use my brain,
About how I fit in,
The food chain,
Where have I been?
Couldn’t I see,
That all [...]

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Spirit, Mind And everyBody

How disciplined,
Can I be,
About thinking,
Instead of my mind shrinking,
It could be expanded?
My first obstacle,
How hard can I think,
About thinking with ease?
I suppose,
You could call this,
A brain tease?
And, by trying to cipher,
I strengthen my brain,
But, it’s best done,
With no strain,
So, how do I run,
Without going faster?
Perhaps trying to figure,
How I fit in,
Is a good place to [...]

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Brain Food

What would you include,
As brain food?
I think,
I want to think better,
What should I eat and drink,
To make my noggin fitter?
What kinda food,
Should I include?
A full spectrum of colors,
Including the deepest green…
As well as, all the others,
And, delve into vitamin B12,
Found only in an animal product…
So, [...]

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Mustard’s Final Stand

I’ve been thinking hard,
About mustard,
And, how I’ve been a retard…
Thinking only to squirt,
On dog or burger.
But, thinking further…
It’s a plant,
Growing in the dirt.
I didn’t see,
More vitamin C,
Than an orange.
Huge amounts,
Where it counts,
Of A,
B… iron, phosphorous,
And, calcium,
What do you say,
More for both of us?
(I know I am.)
The Greeks did speak,
And, the Bible did tell,
How it helps [...]

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Can you name,
An herb aquatic?
Absorb fanatic,
Taste fantastic.
Imagine this…
Sooooo delicious –
The flavor of,
Strength given,
From iron,
Not tasting placid,
Has ascorbic acid,
Feast again,
On vitamin,
Or, hey!
What about A?
You’ll gleam,
From the beta-carotene,
It’s been said,
To be a poor man’s bread,
Squeeze the juice,
Like you’re a slave,
You’ll produce,
Like Zeus…
And, the time you’ll save!
One of Hippocrates,
Good for humans,
A super food,
I try to include.
Think aquatic!
A delicious [...]

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