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Response To EPA On Climate Change

Posted on | December 11, 2009 | Comments Off

From Wit’s End (in response to

My understanding is that in addition to Obama and Lisa Jackson, most activists would prefer congressional action rather than having to fall back on the EPA regulations, because that will get bogged down by infinite lawsuits and wind up being less effective.

Did you read this??

I swear, it’s the money shot. I haven’t had a chance to visit the websites of the organizations represented, but that’s my homework tonight.

We know something is killing trees – and other plants. It’s probably a bunch of very complicated chemical interactions, I think – not just straightforward cumulative ozone. It’s happening too suddenly to be just ozone. And the reason I think it’s got something to do with nitrogen is the concurrent spreading of certain lichens that just love nitrous oxide.

And it’s obviously also a topic that has been on the sidelines, but recently more bona fide scientists are saying we have to take a look at the other greenhouse gases besides CO2.

Interesting times!


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