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Donate My Body To Science

I asked sidd, “If i were to donate my body to science, how much energy could be produced from my mass? E=mc^2?”

Sidd replied:
First take your weight in kilos
Then, put in c=3×10e8 meter/s = c^2=9×10e16
E=72.3×9x10e16 = 6.5e18 joule

“How much is that,” I asked.
Well, lets see. If we turned you into energy, we could run a 200 watt computer for a billion years.

The earth is about 4 billion years old. So we can run our 200 watt machine for an appreciable fraction of the age of the planet.

Or, we could run a billion computers for a year.

Or, we could make a really big bang.

“How big,” he asked, eyeing me narrowly.

Well, how does 300 million fat hydrogen bombs sound to you?

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