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The Hydro Fusion Heating and Cooling System


Yes. For many years, I have imagined different types of living environments, such as “Tunnel Under.” Tunnel Under living has to do with living underground. It would be a last resort to escape from environmental threats. As a child, I did imagine these events would occur in my life time. Sorry to say, most scientists, the EPA and many other governments believe human induced environmental threats are of eminent danger. (see Global Warming: Biggest Health Threat and EPA: Greenhouse Gases Pose Threat to Public Health)

Over the last several years, I’ve considered many designs and expressions of these ideas. First, I started planing to move into the basement. The more I thought about it, the more I dreaded it. Right now, my office is on the top floor. I look out over the tree tops. It is sort-of like being in a tree house. The view is beautiful. The feeling is uplifting. How could I move into the basement? Waaa! The reality of an increasing temperature in my working area has forced me to take action — forcing me to turn my dreams into reality.

Ah ha! That is when another brighter vision occurred. I had to think of a way to prolong my stay in the loft. Imagine your dream house. Instead of tunneling down into a dark hole, why not utilize being exposed to the elements. I could use my roof for light and water to help solve the problem of human induced climate change. — living in a waterfall. Now, that would be a beautiful thing. However, I couldn’t figure out how that would ever be real (at least not for the masses.)

The more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea of living in a waterfall. Were there is a will, there is a way! The Waterfall House

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